A tous mes amis et nouveaux propriétaires de la collection des chevaux issus de l’élevage AL MAYA ARABIANS,

un grand merci !!!

L’avenir de cette grande et belle famille est assurée, l’aventure continue.

An email campaign for Al Maya Arabians

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Al Maya Arabians Breeding is for sale

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Purebred Arabian Horses breeding

A Purebred Arabian, Straight Egyptians horses breeding farm

Since 2002, the Al Maya Arabians purebred Arabian horses breeding has been breeding horses of rigorously selected Pur-Egyptian lines, within the Limousin region, about 40 km from Limoges in France. This region is renowned for the purity of its air, its waters and the quality of its fodder, which makes it a perfect land for breeding purebred Arabian horses.

Our horses are bred in the respect of traditions to guarantee their well-being and comfort.


The Al Maya Arabians horse breeding, after 20 years of activity, is for sale so that we can now enjoy our retirement! Find the horses for sale by clicking here.