Our vision of horses breeding

Breeding, a work of Passion

Josiane Kleiber-Gosselin, the owner of Al Maya Arabians, the family-owned Straight Egyptian Purebred Arabian horse stud farm, is not winging it as a farmer and breeder. It's as the worthy heir of a great family with a history of agriculture and breeding both cattle and horses in the Aquitaine region that Josiane naturally chose to switch careers, having previously worked for nearly 25 years in interior design and decoration alongside her husband Alain Gosselin, architect and interior designer. A passion for beauty and design that they both share.

Josiane Kleiber-Gosselin defines herself as a "shadow artist". This passion for breeding requires unlimited dedication, daily reassessment, faultless exactness, extreme patience, great gentleness with a dash of firmness, a sense of beauty and perfectionism, and great humility. An essential temperament for caring for horses, which in return give her great pleasure, a mixture of satisfaction and wonder faced with this oh-so-perfect creature: the horse, and more specifically the Purebred Arabian horse.


The Purebred Arabian : strength, courage and majesty

Wide chest, well-defined withers, strong back and muscular buttocks, the Purebred Arabian horse measures between 1.48m and 1.56m. Considered a desert horse, it has a chestnut, bay or grey coat, and smooth skin.

Like a swan, it holds high on a wide neck topped with a soft mane, a clean head, finely drawn with a straight or concave nose, soft, expressive eyes, nostrils wide to better breathe in the air, and pointed, crescent-shaped ears standing like small horns.

The Purebred Arabian trots, tail raised, neck arched as it gazes into the distance borne on its lean limbs. Its low, light and crisp gait angle its hoofs forwards, seeming to point to something.


The Purebred Arabian, passionate, understated, strong, engaging, has both dressage and jumping abilities. It likewise distinguishes itself in endurance and non-competitive riding, trekking and in certain race programmes. It also shines at shows. The Purebred Arabian continues to play a key role in improving gaited horse and pony breeds.

Blessed with a fabulous character, great generosity, intelligent, noble, proud, close to people, the Purebred Arabian is an integral member of the family.