Purebred Arabian Horses stud farm



The Al Maya Arabians purebred straight egyptian Arabian horses stud farm was founded in 2002. Since 2010, its owner, Josiane Kleiber-Gosselin, fully focused its Purebred Arabian horse breeding program on prestigious Straight Egyptians bloodlines imported from the United States.

The stud farm has more than 28 hectares of prairies and produces its own hay. It has 18 boxes and an indoor school with 8 paddocks.

The Limousin region, a renowned breeding area

After setting up a Purebred straight Egyptian Arabian horse stud farm in the Provence region, in June 2014 Al Maya Arabians moved to the north-west of Haute-Vienne in the Limousin region, approximately 40 km from Limoges.

A region known as a "breeding area" since the Early Middle Ages and renowned for the purity of its air and water and the abundance and quality of its fodders. The quality of its climate and agriculture provide perfect conditions for the production and growth of the most beautiful species of Purebred straight egyptian arabian horses.


A horse's rigorous selection

Josiane Kleiber-Gosselin selects the horses based on their locomotion, structure, temperament and type. A rigorous selection process developed through her many trips, meetings and visits to Purebred straight Egyptain Arabian horses stud farms and shows that naturally confirmed her choices. This continual openness to the whole world allows her to learn new breeding techniques. Josiane Kleiber-Gosselin considers humility and constant reassessment essential to a breeder's work.


Breeding with respect for traditions

Insofar as possible, broodmares are selected, monitored during gestation and give birth according to traditional breeding methods. An exacting breeding culture handed down through generations of Josiane Kleiber-Gosselin's family. The focus is on the well-being and comfort of the Al Maya Arabians stud horses.



The broodmares at Al Maya Arabians have been carefully selected based on their state of mind, conformation, locomotion, workability, strength and balance as well as their reproductive quality. Non-pregnant broodmares are worked regularly unmounted.



The foals are born at the family-owned Al Maya Arabians stud farm. IThey spend the night in their boxes and are put out to pasture (weather permitting) in the daytime. They are weaned as late as possible, according to the natural cycle. Foals are worked from birth: they are trained based on the "ethological" approach.


The stud farm's other horses

Al Maya Arabians are also worked regularly, either on the flat, in the outdoor school to maintain basic training, or via other exercises such as free jumping or jumping on a lead rein, in order to maintain the alertness and morale of the stud farm's horses. They are also ridden off the farm along the marvellous natural paths found in the Limousin region.